Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tubb Carrier Weight System and Flatwire Spring

I had been hearing about these two items for awhile and some purported them to have almost mythical qualities. Others state they don't do a thing. Since I have a tendency to not believe internet hype unless seen with my own eyes, I logged into my Brownells account and summoned the Great Brown Truck to fetch my toys.

Hype or Hope? We shall see. I have about 100 rounds on the system right now. I will say it does show promise in the AR10 test pig. What?.... You didn't think we would put it in some dinky little AR15 did you?

 Keep an eye on the website. ( I will have some more info up after I clean off the dust from Oregon.

The Oregon Sniper Competition hosted by my good friend Steve is next week. All energies are going into prepping for that. Look for an after action report when I return no matter if I suck or not.

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