Sunday, May 16, 2010

Read a good book lately?

Once in awhile I actually manage to finish a whole book. Yes, I can actually read! Now comprehending what I read is a totally different manner.
This time around I finished Stephen Hunter's new book "I, Sniper". For those of you who are Hunter fans, this is another of the Bob Lee Swagger series. I got hooked into Hunter's books after the movie "Shooter" came out. It was based on the book "Sudden Impact". Now anyone who has seen Shooter knows how many technical goofs there are. However I have my wonderful wife to ground me in the "real" world. She thoroughly enjoyed the movie and did not notice the technical inaccuracies.

Why mention that movie in a review of this book? Because as I read through "I, Sniper" I noticed a heap of technical errors. Most of the time I was able to just ignore them and drive on with the rather enjoyable plot. However the errors do have the unfavorable result of dropping you out of the story for a second while your brain attempts to reconcile reality with what you just read.

Now if you are looking for a believable tale, don't waste your money on this book. The plot is far from believable. However Hunter does a passable job of weaving a fictional tale with sniper skills. Hunter likes to explore some of the details associated with weapon craft an in those details he sometimes misses the target.

If you are looking for a way to zone out of the real world for awhile, join Bob Lee as he tromps across the US. If you are not a student of the gun you will probably not even notice the technical goofs. Then again, if you aren't a student of the gun.....why are you reading my blog?

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