Friday, May 14, 2010

LV Steel Targets

I recently got the chance to wring out a new Steel Target from LV Steel Targets. I selected one of their reduced size IDPA silhouettes (3/8" #7) and a drive in base. This allows me to stake this plate in on the side of a hill in my favorite shooting spot.

While shooting steel at 100 yards is a bit of a waste, it does give me an idea of durability. I originally had a plate made of 3/8" AR400 steel from a local shop. After getting a little too excited I holed it at 300 yards with 168gr Match Kings at 2600fps. Not a good thing. This AR500 plate from LV Steel Targets took five 175gr Match Kings at 100 yards and came up smiling. It also endured a pounding from my M4 shooting 55gr American Eagle. The only caveat was a small nick where a .55gr FMJ hit right on the edge. I have not contacted Kurt Stone at LV yet to find out his method of cutting, but it is a known issue that some cutting methods can remove the temper from the Armor Plate reducing it's hardness.

Look for the full review on soon.

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