Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Timney 510 Trigger Has Arrived

A lovely little package from Brownells showed up in the mail today. It contained a new machined aluminum follower for my duty .308 (the chrome was flaking from the factory stamped piece), but more importantly it held a brand new Timney #510 trigger. For a couple of weeks I would notice that once in awhile I would get a "heavy pull" on my pre-2006 factory trigger. It was probably only 1lb more than the 3lb setting, but it was enough to force me to take an extra breath before breaking the shot on a precision problem. While it's not enough to cause a safety issue, it is enough to give me a reason to pull it off and have it looked at. Which of course is the perfect reason to try out a Timney Trigger. The Timney 510 uses a different safety system that the factory 700 trigger. This blocks the actual trigger itself instead of lifting the sear. This should prevent the safety issues that the old 700 trigger seems to be notorious for (although often overstated).

The intitial review is up and we will add to it after we get some rounds downrange and some dirt and water in the trigger.

Check out the full review on

Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy, Tool, or Trophy?

In a recent thread on one of the well known tactical rifle forums a member asked "how hot is too hot?" He was asking how hot can you allow the rifle barrel to get before you allow it to cool.

I let this sink into my head for a few minutes then let loose with my reply. My position is simply that you allow the rifle barrel to get as hot as it gets while you do what you need to do. If that's a ten round rapid fire string, then so be it. If it's twenty, then fine. If when you are done you can burn your hand on the barrel.....then don't touch the barrel. I went on to state that barrels are disposable, much like tires on a car. If you use your rifle you will replace the barrel. This apparently worried some members.

Let me clarify my position here. We come from different backgrounds and use our rifles differently. In my current line of work I am unlikely to need to fire more than one round in an engagement. Two or three would be an incredible stretch, and if I run through a twenty round box of ammo, the world is coming to an end. However when we train, we don't fire one shot and take a break. We fire numerous shots to simulate a worst case scenario. We may do it against time to create stress. We do it to force the student to run the bolt and reload smoothly. We do what we need to do.

When I compete the stage of fire determines how many rounds I shoot and how fast I do it. Some stages are "barrel heaters". So be it.

When I was in the military and issued a rifle, we used them. They got banged about, heated up, frozen, rained on and drug through mud. We cleaned them and cared for them. It wasn't abuse, it was USE.

In my current life I come in contact with a VAST range of civilian shooters. I run into like minded shooters who use their equipment as hard as it needs to be used, but they care for it. I run into shooters who abuse their rifles through ignorance or intent. I also come across shooters who treat their rifles like a fine sculpture. They place it on display and marvel at the form of the thing. They "ooh and ahhh" over the color, shape or the price tag. They wipe the fingerprints off the steel and they lament nicks in the paint. If they shoot the rifle at all, it's only to confirm the itty-bitty group it's capable of. When they are done, back in the safe it goes.

So what is your rifle? Is it a Toy, a Tool or a Trophy? Regardless of what it is, to be proficient with it requires that you shoot it. If you shoot it, you will eventually wear out the barrel. How quickly depends on how often and how rapidly you shoot. Some of us shoot every week or several times a week. Some shoot once a month. If I put 100 rounds a week through my rifle I am going to burn that barrel up quite a bit faster than someone who shoots 40 rounds once a month. Which shooter do you think will be more proficient?

Use your rifle the way you need to use it to reach your goal. "The Mission drives the Equipment." Not the other way around.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


For whatever reason it appears that the video bar that I added to the blog sometimes defaults to YouTube videos that are not mine. So if you see something totally strange, make sure it's posted by "LoneWolfUSMC" before you send me a nastygram.

Also, if you guys have a topic you would like covered by a video or even an article, please let me know. Sometimes I get a little writers block and run out of material. A little push from you in the correct direction can help me get back into a productive mode.

Lastly......please comment. If you don't leave comments I feel like I am talking to myself.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coming Along

Please bear with me. I am almost done with the writeup from the Oregon Sniper Challenge. I just now got the photos downloaded from the photographer. Keep an eye on the main site.

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