Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Timney 510 Trigger Has Arrived

A lovely little package from Brownells showed up in the mail today. It contained a new machined aluminum follower for my duty .308 (the chrome was flaking from the factory stamped piece), but more importantly it held a brand new Timney #510 trigger. For a couple of weeks I would notice that once in awhile I would get a "heavy pull" on my pre-2006 factory trigger. It was probably only 1lb more than the 3lb setting, but it was enough to force me to take an extra breath before breaking the shot on a precision problem. While it's not enough to cause a safety issue, it is enough to give me a reason to pull it off and have it looked at. Which of course is the perfect reason to try out a Timney Trigger. The Timney 510 uses a different safety system that the factory 700 trigger. This blocks the actual trigger itself instead of lifting the sear. This should prevent the safety issues that the old 700 trigger seems to be notorious for (although often overstated).

The intitial review is up and we will add to it after we get some rounds downrange and some dirt and water in the trigger.

Check out the full review on


  1. I just read the rreview on your main site, and this looks like a pretty good product, I am anxiously awaiting further review after putting some rounds down range.

  2. We will be putting some rounds on it this week. It will most certainly get dirty, but I can't count on the rain.