Friday, March 4, 2011

Indoor Optical Training Aid (I.O.T.A.)

As most of us know, dry fire training is an integral part of a proper firearms training program. However getting this training can sometimes be as hard as getting to the range for live fire practice. Many of us are using high magnification variable scopes that are not capable of focusing down to the distances you find inside an average house. Chuck Neller realized this problem and came up with a great solution. He mounted an accessory lens into a Butler Creek scope cap. Chuck makes these lenses to specifically allow your scope to focus at 11 feet. In many cases you can use the full magnification of your scope. This allows you to select an extremely precise target for dry fire. More magnification amplifies the movement that we are trying to isolate and remove from our shooting technique.

The cost of the IOTA is currently $60. However when you realize that is less than the cost of match ammo for one good range trip it makes the IOTA a great deal. READ MORE

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